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Continuous learning is essential for our team and we are happy to share our knowledge with others. We organize professional days yearly for such knowledge transfer. In addition, we are also happy to report on the results of published surveys, research or CSR activities.


cloud-native day 2021

Date: 09.11.2021
In the presentations of Cloud native day 2021, we discussed the potential for further development of DevOps operation that is exists at almost all companies with regards to CI / CDs and containers.


resuscitation training

Alerant Zrt. is the creator and maintainer of the Szív City life-saving application. Resuscitation can be mastered easily and quickly by resuscitation training. We organize such training every year for our clients and partners.


feature management webinar

Date: 25.05.2021
At the joint webinar of Alerant & CloudBees, you can watch the presentation of our colleague Attila Horváth, the topic of which is how to modify the applications quickly and often, and then get them up and running safely with Feature Management tool.


IT technological overview results

We conducted comprehensive research on the technologies used in domestic application development. The research tries to give an accurate picture of the usage and prevalence of today's fashionable technologies in Hungary.


cloud-native day 2020

Date: 05.11.2020
Cloud-native and DevOps tips for big companies.


IT karrier és állás

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