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In 2020, Alerant became a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP), joining an illustrious group of cloud-native service providers who, equipped with their thorough Kubernetes expertise and substantial experience, provide consulting and training programs to enterprises in order to successfully deploy Kubernetes platforms, cloud-native software solutions and adopt DevOps tools.

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The KCSP program, run by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in conjunction with the Linux Foundation, is only open to trusted, verified partners. Alerant, whose employees have many years of relevant experience - many of them also Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA) - provides the following cloud-native platform solutions.

/ alerant cloud-native platform solutions

container orchestration platform introduction

To simplify their development and operation processes our large enterprise clients employ container orchestration PaaS (Platform as a Service) infrastructure. Our job is to solve the integration problems: We introduce a Kubernetes-based orchestrator (e.g.: OKD or OpenShift) into the company’s IT system (logging, monitoring, CICD, AD, loadbalancer, network, laaS, security expectations, access management, backup/restore, persistent storage etc.).

After a PaaS platform has been introduced, we usually focus on development for the years to come by considering the following: version upgrades, DMZ design, implementation of the needs of business projects, Service mesh.

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/ automatic build of cloud-based environments

In order to provide cloud-based development and test environments for many parallel projects in a quick and seamless way, we must build template-based automatic infrastructure provisioning flows. With Alerant’s broad spectrum of experience in the field of automation, the efficiencies in setting up Kubernetes environments can be made with fully automatic processes.

/ legacy container migration

Several hundred applications have been implemented at our large enterprise clients, most of which are now legacy applications and not operational. We help containerize these applications as well as migrating them to an integrated container-running environment.

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platform support services

docker-openshift-cicd-devops-prometheus technológia

/ training

When a container orchestration platform is introduced to our large enterprise clients they suddenly receive a huge influx of new technology: Docker, Openshift, CICD, DevOps, Prometheus, ELK, Service mesh, etc. During training we help operators, developers, architects, managers and project managers get to know the products so that they may start using the new platform as soon as possible.

/ optimization of microservice applications

In cloud native environments we generally create microservice applications, which beside their benefits also bring along a serious challenge: satisfying the non-functional requirements of performance. We can provide tips and methods which help these applications run optimally with enterprise needs also in mind.

microservice alkalmazások optimalizálása

/ project onboarding

After a container orchestration platform is introduced at our large enterprise clients, business projects start rapidly appearing. We provide support in the following areas: containerization, logging, monitoring, service-to-service communication, healthcheck, autoscaling, base image, application configuration.

/ operational support

The container orchestration platforms that we introduce usually run critical business applications, so it is exceedingly important that the platform running the application have a high availability. To ensure this we provide 24/7 support.

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