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During application development it is essential that we recognize, properly analyze, and optimally use available technologies. Our focus is on choosing technologies which most efficiently carry out developments for our clients.

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üzleti alkalmazásfejlesztés technológia felhő
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üzleti alkalmazásfejlesztés technológia felhő felelőse Nagy Zoltán

Zoltán Nagy

person in charge of the cloud

üzleti alkalmazásfejlesztés technológia felhő felelőse Nagy Zoltán

As the person in charge of the cloud my most important goal is to ensure that everyone progresses along an individual career path that is tailored to their unique talents and preferences. It is also my goal to create a supportive and motivating atmosphere so that the team can accomplish shared goals most effectively.

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software development

Our company has several decades of experience in the areas of software development. We have followed the software development paths of large enterprises starting from monolithic application development through Service-Oriented Architecture to cloud-native developments. During application development it is essential that we recognize, properly analyze, and optimally use available technologies. This is especially challenging in the case of cloud-native developments where the selection of available technologies has increased exponentially and is constantly changing. Our task is to stay up to date so that we can provide the most effective solutions to our clients.

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To achieve the above-mentioned goals in the cloud we work with the following

/ The procedure of application development of cloud-native platforms (Openshift, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure, AWS).
/ Selection of cloud-native reference application development technology portfolio and its organization into a framework (SpringBoot, Quarkus, Helidon, cloud-native JVM technologies).
/ Getting to know microservice design models and good practices and applying them in practice.
/ Web front-end technologies (Angular and modern Javascript frameworks).
/ Databases (Relational and NoSQL databases)
/ Matching integration solutions, application integration solutions (RabbitMQ, Kafka).
/ Analysis of the background of Legacy - cloud-native transition technology and the support of such tasks (Weblogic, Weblogic Slim).
/ Integration into modern CI/CD solutions (Git, Gitlab, Maven, Gradle, Liquibase).
/ Well planned, effective knowledge sharing within the team and with other clouds and projects

What does a competence cloud member do?

We primarily focus on application development tasks. In most cases the focus is on offering guidelines to the various development teams both in choosing technologies and their appropriate usage. Our cloud has an extensive portfolio which means that our members usually specialize in either front-end or back-end technologies.



During the application development, we have to constantly follow the trends, newer and newer technologies are being cross-targeted every year. Thus, the focus here again is mainly on Cloud Native issues:

1 / Microsoft Azure Developer Associate

Design, development, testing, and maintenance of cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure platform: AZ 204 exam.


2 / CKAD exam

With the CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer) exams, we prove our knowledge and skills in using the Kubernetes platform during our Cloud Native application development tasks.

3 / Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift

The RedHat exam validates our knowledge of how familiar we are with the RedHat OpenShift platform in our Cloud Native application development.

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