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Our goal is to support our customers' cloud strategy, to make the most of the opportunities offered by cloud platforms when implementing applications that require unique architectures. We focus in particular on serverless solutions that can greatly reduce our customers' operating burdens and provide usage-based costing.

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Rachid Boutros

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As a cloud manager, my primary goal is to build in-depth expertise with my team on serverless services across different cloud platforms in order to offer and deliver the best possible solution to our customers’ needs. For this, I consider it essential that we constantly train ourselves, acquire new knowledge through new and new challenges, all in a good, cooperative environment.

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Today, more and more large companies are recognizing the potential of the services provided by cloud platforms and are shaping their IT strategies accordingly. There are several levels of cloud conquest, in addition to rehosting and replatforming methods, the refactoring method is one in which we support our customers with our expertise. Serverless solutions require a new way of thinking that, once understood and applied, our customers can quickly realize a reduction in their costs. One of the main pillars of the operating model is to use only when and how much resources are needed and to pay only for what we have used. In our cloud of competence, we are working on the implementation of this model in our clients' projects.

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In order to serve our customers effectively, we deal with the following

Design and development of serverless application reference architectures (Microsoft Azure, AWS)

Using Function as a Service tools (Azure Functions, AWS Lambda)

Serverless application development (Azure App Services, AWS Fargate)

Using API management tools (Azure API Management, Amazon API Gateway)

Using Serverless message brokers (Azure Event Hub/Grid, Amazon EventBridge)

Serverless SQL and NoSQL databases management (Azure SQL Database / Cosmos DB, Amazon Aurora Serverless / DynamoDB)

Building secure applications and virtual networks in public clouds

Estimating, defining, and optimizing the consumption-based use of serverless cloud components

What does a competence cloud member do?

We are basically engaged in cloud-native application development, including serverless solutions. Tailored to the needs of our corporate customers, we implement solutions and applications that serve business needs in Microsoft Azure or AWS public clouds. After selecting the cloud platform, we define the required components, cloud services, and architecture. Then we implement business logic in Typescript and Java languages ​​in the form of functions or serverless applications.

Due to ever-changing needs and a wide range of cloud tools, we regularly train ourselves to learn about new technologies and tools. Furthermore, we test new services within the framework of proof of concepts, thus organizing a relevant experience in them.



We consider it important to train ourselves and also account for our knowledge. Accordingly, we have developed training plans that allow colleagues to follow different ways of development. During the training ways, they can learn about the tools provided by the cloud ecosystems used in our cloud projects.

1 / Microsoft Azure Developer Associate

Design, develop, test, and maintain cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure: Exam AZ 204.


2 / Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

Develop, monitor, maintain, and manage cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure: Exam AZ 104.

3 / Microsoft Azure Solution Expert

Design hybrid and cloud applications, including computing and storage capacity and network design, taking into account required management and security requirements at Microsoft Azure: Exam AZ 305.


4 / Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate

Development of protection for hybrid and cloud applications, detection and fixing of vulnerabilities, development and implementation of threat protection, incident management on Microsoft Azure: Exam AZ 500.

5 / Microsoft Azure Network Engineer Associate

Design and implement network topology for hybrid and cloud applications for performance, scalability, availability, and security on Microsoft Azure: Exam AZ 700.


6 / Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Design of complete Azure DevOps solutions, collaboration during development, infrastructure creation, source code version control, security compliance, CI processes, CD processes, testing on Microsoft Azure: Exam AZ 400.

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