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business application development methodology

We provide a methodological framework for our software development and implementation tasks for large enterprises. Taking our customer's attributes into account, we work with dynamic methodological tools that combine traditional elements with agile and BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) elements.

üzleti alkalmázasfejlesztés módszertan felhő
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üzleti alkalmázasfejlesztés módszertan felhő
microservice alkalmazások optimalizálása
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Ákos Zsíros

person in charge of the cloud

üzleti alkalmazásfejlesztés módszertan felhő felelőse Zsíros Ákos

As the person in charge of the cloud my goal is to help team members find a professional career path that ensures them continuous improvement in the areas of project management, systems design, quality control and IT security, while at the same time the cloud and its methodological toolset ensures a stable background for their work.

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planning and leading the project

We design methods and aids that employ personalized agile elements which are also used in our software development projects. Our main goal is to create a balance between the client, the team, the problem at hand and the resources.

háttérkép, vonal
háttérkép, felhő agilis módszerek alkalmazása szoftverfejlesztési projektek vezetésében
funkcionalitás és üzemeltetési elvárások alapján megoldás tervezése és implementáció vezetése

designing the solution and carrying out its implementation

Our goal is to ensure harmony between functionality expected by the client, operational expectations, and technological solutions. After choosing the optimal technical solution our task is to work out the details and manage its professional implementation. We are in close cooperation with other related competency clouds.


quality assurance

Our task is to identify business needs and then to continuously ensure the quality of the product to be delivered and examine the adherence to goals throughout the complete cycle of implementation. To achieve our task, we use process support and toolset support (e.g.: automated regression, acceptability criteria, release management). The main goal is for the product to meet the needs of the client by also considering the risks, time and budget constraints.

minőség folyamatos biztosítása az agilis tesztelés elemeinek alkalmazásával
alkalmazás biztonságának ellenőrzése a fejlesztési folyamatban, DevSecOps


Our goal is to ensure that the information and technological security expectations become clear during the early stages of the development process. Integrated into the supply chain, the criteria are constantly monitored during the complete life cycle (e.g.: source code scan, library and dependency check, docker image scan) ensuring that potential dangers resulting from information leaks or vulnerabilities are kept to a minimum.

What does a competence cloud member do?

During our unique software development and implementation tasks we take part in project planning, project implementation and solution design. We deem the assurance of quality to be of the utmost importance; therefore we provide the appropriate support from design through implementation to post-support tasks.

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