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We discover application integration, API, and access management tools that effectively support our clients’ projects by connecting their legacy applications and microservices.

integráció felhő
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integráció felhő
microservice alkalmazások optimalizálása
integráció felhő felelőse Noll Krisztián

Krisztian Noll

person in charge of the cloud

integráció felhő felelőse Noll Krisztián

I want to create an inspiring atmosphere in which every competency member has the opportunity to improve their professional knowledge and take part in creative work outside of daily project work, and in which successes can make Alerant the leading cloud-native integration solution provider in Hungary.

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application integration

Instead of using the currently widespread centralized (middleware-based) integration solutions, our main goal is to develop distributed architectural and container-based integration solutions that support agile developer teams in the proper use of integration models.

háttérkép, vonal alkalmazás integrácis megoldások openshift-kubernetes-rabbitmq-kafka-docker platformokon
háttérkép, felhő hozzáféréskezelés keycloak technológiával

access management

During the integration of systems and users in the case of access management (access management, Single Sign-on) OAuth2 and OpenID Connect-based solutions play the central role. We develop methods and solution formulas that ensure that the application development teams can implement safe services.


API management

Aside from single-use REST APIs we also provide reusable, scalable and safe APIs for the agile developer community. Our clients can depend on us at every stage of the API development cycle including design, development, testing, publication and monitoring.


api gateway fejlesztés apigee platformon

What does a competence cloud member do?

Members of the integration competency cloud have three ways of joining the projects that implement complex IT solutions:

We design an application integration, API management or access management platform that can later be used by agile DevOps teams during the development of business applications. As a first step in API implementation, we design the fault-tolerant and scalable micorservice architecture using container orchestration infrastructure as a foundation accompanied with variety of tools which provide different integration design patterns (Kubernetes, OpenShift, RabbitMQ, application server for transaction handling).
The next step based on the architecture is installation and running of infrastructure tests (performance test, stability test etc.). We document how the DevOps team can develop new integrations on the developed platform.
In the case of outside (non-Alerant) development projects we give advice in the areas of application integration, API management or access management. We ensure the availability of services and applications and we also help to solve complex problems that require a great deal of technical knowledge.
We take part in the implementation of specific integration interfaces and APIs in in-house (Alerant) business projects using the knowledge and experience gathered from competency clouds as well as the solution models designed by competency clouds.
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