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automation of development and shipping processes

We identify manual process steps in the work of developers, testers, security professionals and operators within the development and shipping processes. By implementing a controlled, reproducible, and auditable automation, the process becomes shorter and error-free.

fejlesztési és szállítási folyamatok automatizálása felhő
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fejlesztési és szállítási folyamatok automatizálása felhő
microservice alkalmazások optimalizálása
automatizálás felhő felelőse Horváth Attila

Attila Horváth

person in charge of the cloud

automatizálás felhő felelőse Horváth Attila

As the person in charge of the cloud, my goal is to ensure that knowledge is shared effectively within the group so they can meet the diversity of challenges. In part because of this I also want members to spend their professional lives in an environment that opens them up to learning about new technologies. I also find it important that colleagues be an example to each other, so that we can confidently approach completely novel problems that require novel tools.

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During our work we explore IT processes and break them down into steps. Thanks to our analytic thinking we understand the connections between steps and expected operation and can thus design automated solutions that speed up but at the same time do not restrict the work of process implementers. We consider the viewpoints and priorities of developers, testers and operators so that cooperation can be even more effective.

java-groovy-maven-gradle-gitlab-bitbucket technológiák

To effectively solve problems, knowledge and experience of the following tools are necessary

/ Programming languages (Java and Groovy)
/ Build tools (Maven, Gradle)
/ Version control systems (Gitlab and Bitbucket)
/ Continuous integration and deployment automation tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, Automic)
/ Artifact repositories (Nexus, Artifactory)
/ Configuration manager tools (Ansible, Terraform)
/ Database automation tools (Flyway, Liquibase)
/ Containerization technology (Docker)

What does a competence cloud member do?

Our work often consists of short tasks for a new client that require the use of a new technology. Aside from our strong developer quality we are also open to the world of testers and operators as well as exploring and analyzing processes. It poses no problem for us to work on multiple subjects and we place a great deal of importance on continuous improvement and exploring new technologies.



In the Automation of Development and Shipping competency cloud, we expand our general knowledge of DevOps and also learn about the systems used by our customers or the solutions of the companies we partner with (eg CloudBees, RedHat). Thus, we also obtain our exams in these areas and strive to ensure that our certified experts successfully carry out our projects and consulting and support activities at our clients with their officially certified knowledge.

1 / Certified Jenkins Engineer

CloudBees, as a dedicated contributor to the Jenkins project and a supplier and supporter of Jenkins versions for large enterprises, recognized the knowledge of our Jenkins experts with this exam.


2 / Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Planning complete Azure DevOps solutions; collaboration during development, infrastructure creation, source code version control, security compliance, CI processes, CD processes, testing. Prerequisites are the AZ 204 and AZ 400 exams.

3 / Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation Certification

The DevOps Institute certification demonstrates the general, comprehensive DevOps knowledge of several of our colleagues.

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